How to Find a Quality Courier & Delivery Service?

Like most smaller businesses which may have e-commerce worries, locating the right courier & delivery service is a real challenge, especially if you are need someone to take control of the fulfilment side of things also.

Let’s begin with the basics

In an e-commerce scenario, or in fact any type of situation where you have things which have to be posted, there are so many factors to determine.

How do you need to package it up?

What type of insurance would you require?

What happens should it be misplaced or lost?

How much shall you charge your clients?

These are all things which look easy at first glance; however, they do actually pose several challenges.

What do you focus on first?

The main goal about locating the right delivery service is to make sure you are clear on what you are looking for.

Are your packages small and low in value in terms of insurance, or are they huge with a high price tag on them?

Normally, lower priced value packages can be sent in various ways. But, if you are looking for some security on your packages and don’t know if that will be the one ends up lost, it is not the end of the world. If that happens, you may want to try your local post office. They provide inexpensive rates to businesses and are usually quite reliable.

But, if time is of great value to you and you have clients which need items to arrive faster, then you should definitely consider Recorded Delivery. This provides some insurance and needs a signature once it is being delivered. Usually the delivery times are up to three full working days.

But, if you are looking for a guaranteed delivery, then try Special Delivery, this provides guaranteed next working day delivery. Naturally, there will be extra costs involved for these services; nonetheless, they are usually reliable and offer a good tracking service as well.

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