What Are the Different Kinds of Courier & Messenger Service Jobs?

Courier & messenger service jobs are vital in today’s world as they fill in a need which is not met by the more traditional postal or package services. Different kinds of messenger jobs will reflect their speciality and can range  from  shipment product services, documents, parcels and the likes.  

Time-related jobs are the most common, used by the general public, plus the business world. A messenger company is used  for  assignments depending on the distance and the document or item which needs to be send. Overnight delivery that needs transportation over a distance, sometimes needs a national or international firm to make sure the delivery arrives within a certain time-frame. Same day delivery, like medical test samples to laboratories, are done by van or car. Bike messengers are used by banks and legal firms in order  for  them to arrive within the hour.

Delivery of special items sometimes need a unique courier & messenger service. Special licenses, approvals or certifications are need  for  this kind of service. These kinds of jobs range  from  delivering  tissue, organs or laboratory supplies which are thought to be biohazardous. Most health systems will either use car or a van to transport medical samples to laboratories. A few architectural companies use same city messengers in order to deliver large drafting plans or building scale models. Law firms and financial businesses sometimes use a bike messenger,to deliver documents when a signature is needed  for  legal reasons.

Messenger jobs could include special shipments of expensive items or things which are documented delivery. National and international delivery services all provide documentation and content insurance. Messenger jobs  for  valuable items could be kept in house, thus ensuring their safety. Some jewel merchants use trusted messengers to secretly pick up and deliver valuables when necessary. Due to the potential risk of this, most of these jobs need employers to be bonded and insured.

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