What Is a Bike Courier & Messenger Service?

 A bike courier & messenger service company is one that transports goods using a bicycle, normally within a big city. Traditionally, a central courier service will have a fleet of bike messengers, to transport such things as sensitive documents, items etc., to and  from numerous locations around the city. The fast pace of this particular job, in addition to the necessary street skills, means being a bike messenger can be a lucrative and challenging job, but one that has also been romanticized by most people.

At the very least, a bike messenger will only have their trusty bike and a messenger which is designed with a large holding capacity. The messenger will communicate with their courier service using a two-way radio, cell phone or a pager, and they will spend most of their days on the run, picking and dropping off various packages. Generally, the courier service will pay the messenger per item, although some do pay by the hour. In either case, pay is usually very low and does not have any benefits like medical care.

Being such a messenger can be extremely dangerous, due to the fact it means moving at great speed through heavy traffic. Collisions with cars are normal, and it is also possible to be seriously injured or even killed. Normally, when a bike messenger gets injured, other messengers n the region all contribute to a recovery fund as this specific community is extremely supportive and insular. In some regions, unions of bike messengers set up funds to help their comrades, very similar to a union.

Several cities around the world have these messengers, even in spite of the digital media revolution. In some cases, an object has to be delivered by hand, and a bike messenger will be much faster than a vehicle courier service. Gifts, equipment, checks, discs or hard drives, in addition to original documents, are transported by a bike messenger, and some courier & messenger service companies use bike messengers in place of other modes of delivery.

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