Will a Professional Courier Service Employ Armed Guards?

Armed security guards in the United States are used to protect casinos, banks, courier service personnel, nuclear facilities, building sites, or to ensure the security of government installations. Security guards stop vandalism and prevent unwanted individuals from entering secured areas. In some places, weapons laws could mean only specialized or military guards are allowed to carry weapons. Although some armed security guards take this type of job as a stepping stone into law enforcement.

Security work is demanding physically. The hours can be long, and guards are sometimes on their feet all day. They could patrol areas, checking in with a time clock, or man a station where they will monitor closed circuit televisions. Encounters with trespassers can be dangerous. Armed security guards have the same responsibilities regarding their weapons as police officers.

Armed security guards are on a higher wage and enjoy more benefits than unarmed guards. They have to finish a course and have firearms training. In most places they have to be licensed and carry extra documentation regarding their weapons. People applying for these positions have to be physically fit, and be good with people and possess excellent communications skills.

When working for a courier service, they are usually brought in when the courier is transporting a valuable package, or hazardous medical supplies. They usually travel in the same vehicle as the courier to ensure the package and courier arrives safely. Some guards actually work with specialized canines, who are trained to sniff out potential threats such as drugs, weapons and even explosives.

Being an armed security guard will require some basic medical first aid skills, should a situation ever arise that medical attention is urgently required until paramedics arrive on the scene.

Armed security is commonly seen in the likes of banks and high risk facilities that house vast reserves of cash.

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